About Our Studio.

The Bar Method studio provides an effective, fun, and challenging experience in each class while creating a community that is welcoming, supportive, and inspiring.

Our Bar Method Staff ( who we consider ohana) strives to do that from the moment you walk through the door. We are here to challenge and reshape your body, strengthen your mind, improve your confidence, and enhance your life through one incredibly targeted and effective hour. The result is longer leaner muscles, better posture, increased core strength, and an improved mindset.

The Bar Method Honolulu opened its doors in 2015. It quickly became more than just a place to workout. The Bar Method became a place where men and women supported and encouraged each other to feel good about themselves. It became “The Bar Method Ohana” , a place where people wanted to spend an hour of their day. We expanded to the windward side in June of 2017, right in the heart of Kailua.

Elaina became dedicated to The Bar Method after taking her first class through a DVD while living in American Samoa. She then started working for The Bar Method headquarters in San Francisco, learning all she could from the two co-founders before opening her own studio on island. Elaina’s favorite part of owning a studio is being a part of the transformation students make both inside and out.

In 2017, Stephanie Gambetta cam on as a partner in both the Honolulu and Kailua studios. Her love of The Bar Method, passion for business and nutrition & eagerness to help others made this duo the perfect team. The passion for the method, friendship and respect felt by both owners ignited a new spirit in the studio and its teachers, staff, and most importantly clients. Because that is why we do what we do – for you. Mahalo nui loa.

“We consider ourselves a family. A family that likes to work out…a lot!”

~ The Bar Method Staff